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Welcome, titambireyi, Salibonani........

We at Home away from home - Westgate are pleased to welcome you. We are in the business of providing you with a home you will be proud to call "HOME". Our accommodation services charter is simple and yet unique in that it is based on the premise of trust, respect and above all service excellence. We started operating in 2014 and we are aspiring to become market leaders in the provision of quality standards. Above all else, we respect your privacy and strive to make your stay with us memorable. Should you wish to provide us with any feedback, comments and complaints or complements please do not hesitate to leave them on the contact us page or Testimonials page. We thank you for your continued support and we look forward to hosting you. Our promise to you is that next time we host you, we will be even better. Want to enjoy horse riding and game viewing of a life-time while in Harare? We are not very far from it. Simply ask, and we will happily assist....

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Accommodation Services

We are in the business of providing accommodation that is - Clean - with top Quality Amenities - Convenient - Safe and secure

Car Hire Service

We are proud to introduce VW Tiguan for Hire. She is a beauty and goes 100km/h in 6.5 seconds. She is equipped with a state of the art entertainment system for the whole family. Its a compact, neat car with leather seats and cruise control. It has an executive feel but yet its sporty.

Guest Entertainment and Events

While staying with us, you are guaranteed of top quality entertainment systems. We also provide information services for the best places to visit for events and tourist activities.

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Our Team

We work as a team to make sure, you, our guests receive maximum satisfation. Our team team is ambitious, passionate, talented and proud of our product and its associated services 

Chamu Chitsungo


The founder and chairman of Home Away From Home - Westgate. He is a seasoned entrepreneur and IT consultant.

Noel Mubvekwa

Site Manager

Noel (Ever Smilling) Mubvekwa is the face of Home Away From Home - Westgate, Harare. From the moment you move in to the time you check-out, he will always be there to assist. He is a business and computer science graduate from the university of Zimbabwe and happily married.


This is what some of our clients had to say about our accommodation service. We are proud of who we are today because we took all our customer feedback seriously. We encourage you to leave yours too.